2020: 400th Anniversary of The Mayflower's voyage

Get on board and commemorate the 400th anniversary of The Mayflower! This year, 2020, marks the 400th anniversary of the epic voyage of The Mayflower across the Atlantic to the New World. This treacherous journey carried approximately 102 passengers fleeing the country from persecution. Led by Captain Christopher Jones and backed by around 30 strong Bermondsey Crew, The Mayflower was a local watering hole, in which it is rumoured Jones had his final meal before shipping off.

Being in the heart of Rotherhithe, which was once a bustling port and home to many shipyards, we welcome you all to be part of the 2020 experience. Join us for some traditional English fayre food while sipping a pint of our own Scurvy Ale following the footsteps of the Pilgrim ancestors. Sit and look out over the River Thames contemplating those who have past along this way and the great voyages made.

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Mayflower 400 Compact Illuminate Rotherhithe